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(Los Angeles, CA; April 3, 2020) Dear Friends, this week’s Challenge is “Let’s not just survive, but thrive.” The human spirit is remarkable at times like these. And we’ve all heard acts of kindness, neighbor helping neighbor, that sort of thing. Perhaps this is the time for us not to just survive–and survive we will–but thrive. To be clear, thriving does not have to mean learn a new language, take online classes, write a novel, or the like. Rather, thriving can mean to renew–or discover–an appreciation for what we took for granted pre-pandemic. I’m guessing most of us hadn’t thought much about grocery store clerks filling shelves. The food just magically appears! Or truck drivers hauling critical deliveries. Or nurses, orderlies, doctors on the front lines battling illness. Or scientists tirelessly and anonymously toiling away to develop life-sustaining medications. No offense to celebrities, hedge funders, professional athletes, or social media influencers–many of whom we’re sure are good people–but the world is looking to others for a solution to the pandemic. Maybe, just maybe, after we get through this, societies will retain this newfound appreciation, and the world will emerge refreshed with a healthier perspective.
One more thought: During this, our great challenge of modern times, let’s take care of ourselves but also each other. Our ancestors were conscripted by governments to fight in World Wars on the other side of the globe. Today, governments are asking us simply to stay home, watch Netflix, and order in. We can and must do this; lives depend on it. Thank you.
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April 3, 2020
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