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(Founders’s blog)
(Santa Monica, CA; June 19, 2019) Hi Everyone, this week’s challenge is offered for all of us to consider avoiding the temptation to lash out on social media. Instead, let’s try to remain positive (or at least constructive) in our posts and tweets. It’s easy to be mean-spirited from the safe distance of our phones, iPads, and computer screens–just like it’s easy to be mean to other drivers while driving. There is a certain detachment caused by the distance and the “safety” of not being face-to-face with the target of the ire. But the effect of the meanness still is felt by the recipient, regardless of how “safe” it is to send the message. So, let’s try to be positive with our social media input this week. Maybe we’ll start a trend!
We continue to be grateful for the 33 countries as well as all 50 U.S. States that are supporting our mission to make the world a kinder, positive, loving place. Thank you.
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June 19, 2019
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