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(Founders’s blog)
(Santa Barbara, CA; July 20, 2019) Hello Everyone, we hope you are enjoying the summer.
This week’s challenge is to Compliment a Stranger.  The positive effect of a compliment can be greater than we realize. Compliments create so much positive energy that they feel like little gifts of love. We hope you will feel inspired to share a kind word or two and that it will bring both you and the stranger unexpected joy!
We continue to be grateful for the 40 countries as well as all U.S. states that are supporting our mission to make the world a kinder, positive, loving place. Our goal is to have 100 countries perform and officially accept at least 1 million Kindness Challenges before 1/1/2020. Thank you to everyone who is helping us achieve this goal. Together, we really can make a difference!
Be good news.

Positive Sharing

July 20, 2019
From our awesome community . . .
  • Thank you to Amy F. for sharing this quote on what it means to be different:
  • Shoutout to Dhing A. for this inspiration:
  • Shoutout to Laura C. for this great quote:
  • Thank you to Dhing A. for this thoughtful reminder:
  • Shoutout to “Loyally Healing” for sharing this inspiration:
  • Thank you to Amy F. for sharing this amazing quote:
  • Shoutout to Laura C. for this inspiring message:
  • Shoutout to Amy F. for this positive reminder:
  • Thanks to to Neal D. for this message:
  • A shout-out to Laura C. for this timeless reminder:

  • Damon J. shared this wonderful idea:

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