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June 4, 2020

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(Los Angeles, CA; June 4, 2020) Hello Kindness Community, thanks for stopping by TPR. This week’s Challenge is “Be extra kind, thoughtful, and understanding.” We at TPR cannot recall a more challenging time in our lifetimes than the current state of things. If nothing else, humans are resilient and will overcome the perils testing so many with so much difficulty.
In this spirit, we think it may be helpful to make this week’s Challenge an appeal to our better angels: simply to be extra compassionate and empathetic this week. Let’s try to facilitate positive change, healing, and a true–rather than theoretical–recognition that we’re all in this crazy life together.
We continue to avoid annoying ads on the TPR site, as well as pop-ups and other clutter, at least for now. Thus we’ve been trying with new ways to pay for TPR: We’re offering hand-picked products we think our TPR Community will love. (Full disclosure: We’re in the Amazon “associate program”; therefore, TPR will earn a modest commission on any sales when our community members buy stuff after clicking on it from our site.)
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June 4, 2020
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