Thanks for visiting our site. We’re tired of hearing all the bad news. We happen to think people are basically good and decent—but, as we all know, good and decent doesn’t sell. So we wondered: Why is that? Honestly, we don’t know the answer. But we do know that there is a lot of positive news and good people in the world.
The purpose of this site is simple: To create a community for people who seek to make the world more friendly, more fun, and more enjoyable. To that end, we’ll share news we can all use to inspire, elate, and recognize the basic goodness in humankind. But there’s more:  We want to challenge ourselves, and you, to do some nice stuff each week. That’s what our Challenges are all about. We also would love to hear your proposed Challenges–perhaps cleaning up your local park, improving your local schools, adding some bike lanes–whatever you think would make your community a better place.  By the way, we’re not “political” or trying to convince anyone of anything—except that good news and good people are underrepresented in society’s conversation. And maybe, just maybe, together we can make a positive impact on the world.
Please join us!


Renee Gignac


Renee was born in South Dakota & settled in Southern California. She has a background in journalism, broadcasting, public relations, event planning & fundraising. Renee has worked for a Los Angeles-based newspaper and CBS Sports & has dedicated thousands of hours to a wide variety of charitable causes. Renee is passionate about empowering others to see & spread beauty in the world.

Todd Tiberi


Todd was born in New Jersey, lived in Pittsburgh, New York City, and settled in California. He’s been to more than 30 countries, has driven across the U.S. three times, biked throughout Europe and Iceland, and has a background in engineering, law, business, writing, and filmmaking.

Kiara Jackson

Social Media Coordinator

Kiara was born in Southern California and has found her home on the Central Coast. After earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at the University of California, Santa Barbara she found her drive for digital marketing. She dedicates herself to social media and marketing strategies, creative thinking, and craftsmanship. The great outdoors is Kiara’s passion whether it’s backpacking, walks on the beach or giving her time to stewardship.